Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mind the Gap

This morning my 5 year old lost his first tooth. It was a momentous occasion, or at least I thought so. There were no hysterics from my usually sensitive son about blood, pain and the gaping hole in his smile. In fact he was so nonplussed he managed to lose the tooth in his bedding until I managed to find it.He literally took the whole event in his stride.
I remember the day that little toothy-peg arrived. I somehow managed to scrape the spoon across the top of it while he was having a very compliant breakfast as a 6 month old. I remember this as he was exactly 6 months old to the day!!
My how times have changed. I mean really, imagine having a compliant breakfast now ... it is completely unheard of! The thought of one morning not having a serious discussion about the colour of a straw or whether the sandwich has margarine or not or how to cut the sandwich. Maybe after 5 years my boy is slowly growing up and becoming a little more even in his reaction to different events.
Fingers crossed and ...mind the gap! Now I need to put on my Tooth Fairy wings and attend to the job at hand.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Once again I have managed to somehow make it through another week and decided to catch up on all of the forgotten items on the "to do" list over the weekend. Actually they weren't forgotten more accurately they could be described as "not allocated time". It was a big week with quite a few extra things that wouldn't normally happen like enrolling for kinder next year and doctors appointments. But foolishly we decided to start a big project on Saturday morning and pulled a part one of the boys bedrooms so we can install a storage unit. That also meant moving and vacuuming under beds and finding a million lost pieces of Lego (I swear that stuff breeds all by itself). So that means we have the regular house in disarray plus an entire bedroom in pieces. I don't think Sunday is going to be too quiet.
I am also trying to get hubby's 40th birthday party organised so it doesn't all happen last minute. Maybe this post should be called ambitious. I honestly don't know where the time goes and I am always interested in how other people organise their time. I would be lost without my diary for appointments, the ever popular birthday list and menu planning for the week.
Lets's see how this week goes on the organising and ticking off stage!

Sunday, August 01, 2010


It has been long time between posts ... like years! But now it feels right to get back into it. So here we go again.
Something most people don't know about me is that I enjoy a flutter on the horses! I suppose it has the thrill of a quick win and that always seems very appealing but I also like that there are so many ways to approach the task of picking a winner. Some people do numbers, names of horses, colours the jockey wear or maybe just pick the favourites. I tend to look at the predictions and then look at the names of the horses. I only bet small amounts like a $1 or $2 at a time but it is fun. I have managed a few small wins but certainly not enough to be able to hit the road for a month somewhere lovely.
I also really enjoy going to a picnic race meeting. It is a great day out and nice to share food and bubbles with friends. We have been going to the races at Balnarring and it is tiring walking back and forth from the betting ring and then to the track and then back to the car but a really nice outing in summer. I am looking forward to the next time we can round up a group of people and make a day of it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick Exit

We had decided to spend the night away with friends in country Victoria. They are 3.5 hours away .... normally. It took us 5 hours and we stopped for many nappy changes and toilet stops along the way. I am not very patient when it comes to meandering along. I am more of a "let's just get there and then we can all relax" kind of girl. Anyway we had a relaxing afternoon catching up, playing with the kids, chatting and enjoying dinner and a few bottles of red. We decided to go to bed at about midnight and then it began. Little man who had been asleep in the portacot for 4 hours decided to wake up. No amount of cuddling, singing, feeding, rocking or praying would get him back to sleep. So after swearing that we would never go anywhere ever again overnight, we decided to pack up all of gear and head for home at 2am. It was ambitious and that would probably show you just how desperate we were to leave these lovely people in peace and quiet. Hubby packed the car and managed to only leave a few things behind which was impressive as we packed in the dark. We hit the rode and I was driving and I started worrying about driving at night when you are ridiculously tired. We decided to pull over a few times and have a powernap which was bliss. Of course by this stage little man was snoozing in his car seat! It took us 6 hours to get home and we picked up the peak hour traffic coming back into Melbourne. We were/are exhausted. Remind me never to go anywhere until little man is at least at bribing age!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A decision

Well we have never done anything so quickly in all of our lives. We have decided to move to the burbs. There is a lot of work to be done between now and then but at least we have shortened a very log list down to one little suburb. Now I have to make sure there kindergartens and schools and stuff near us. The problem is that we have found one house already that we really love but of course we can't do anything about it that quickly. Bugger! Doesn't matter, what will be, will be!
I think I would have made a terrible gypsy. The thought of moving makes me feel kind of lost and without direction. I am sure we will be fine. It is that settling in period, that takes time. I like familiar surroundings. Let's face it, I am a creature of habit! I just like the idea of wanting to buy something very unique and I currently know exactly where to go to get it. But that will certainly take many years to acquire that sort of knowledge in a new suburb. Imagine what I would be like in a different state or even worse, a different country! That's the funny thing about this decision. I have comfort options available to me like I could drive back here and go shopping rather than acquaint myself with my new surroundings. Who is a big scaredy cat?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New horizons .... Maybe

Hubby and I have always laughed at the never ending array of house and land packages and all of the inclusions and extras. But today we got talking about maybe eating humble pie and following the masses to the "burbs". I personally love being 15 minutes from the city with a great mix of ages and nationalities and stories but it is so expensive. We are going to have to do something soonish as we are planning bubby number 2 and we are fast running out of space. I just wish some of the newer suburbs had better facilities. At least I know they have schools and kindergartens as there are mostly young families out there but what about public transport and libraries? I need to do some research, don't I? I shouldn't get too excited as we always talk ourselves out of this sort of thing. We only ever planned on the Tattslotto dream house being built in an older established area like the one we live in at the moment. Can we downsize the dream to make way for reality and a smaller mortgage? I think we are going to have to. I have always been a snob when it comes to suburbs, but the older I get the more I realise that if you are happy it doesn't really matter where you are. I am mellowing faster than I am ageing, I am sure of it!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Catch 22

I have a very dear friend who would rip me to shreds if she knew I was writing about her, who has finally after much nagging joined RSVP the dating site. She is a great girl with heaps of love and laughter about her but she doesn't tend to go out and meet single guys, so we have convinced her to give it a go. We set up a profile for her and tortured ourselves trying to find the right words not to sound too forward. She was originally too shy to put her photo on the profile, but last night she became a little more brave. This morning 32 admirers had sent emails to her. So we went through them and we unfortunately had to read and admire some lovely photos. We were very conscious that we were judging them as much as they were judging her. Prior to her photo going on the profile she had received 4 responses in as many weeks. It really is Catch 22. I suppose we are all looking for someone in our own league....... And that is where the photo really helps. I really hope she meets someone lovely. I would love her to be as happy as I am, or at least go out on some dates and meet some new people. Good Luck, LucyLou!!

Glad I am not single. Hubby is great even if he does drive me to distraction sometimes. We are amazingly similar and incredibly different all at the same time. How did that happen?