Thursday, January 05, 2006

Catch 22

I have a very dear friend who would rip me to shreds if she knew I was writing about her, who has finally after much nagging joined RSVP the dating site. She is a great girl with heaps of love and laughter about her but she doesn't tend to go out and meet single guys, so we have convinced her to give it a go. We set up a profile for her and tortured ourselves trying to find the right words not to sound too forward. She was originally too shy to put her photo on the profile, but last night she became a little more brave. This morning 32 admirers had sent emails to her. So we went through them and we unfortunately had to read and admire some lovely photos. We were very conscious that we were judging them as much as they were judging her. Prior to her photo going on the profile she had received 4 responses in as many weeks. It really is Catch 22. I suppose we are all looking for someone in our own league....... And that is where the photo really helps. I really hope she meets someone lovely. I would love her to be as happy as I am, or at least go out on some dates and meet some new people. Good Luck, LucyLou!!

Glad I am not single. Hubby is great even if he does drive me to distraction sometimes. We are amazingly similar and incredibly different all at the same time. How did that happen?

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