Saturday, August 07, 2010


Once again I have managed to somehow make it through another week and decided to catch up on all of the forgotten items on the "to do" list over the weekend. Actually they weren't forgotten more accurately they could be described as "not allocated time". It was a big week with quite a few extra things that wouldn't normally happen like enrolling for kinder next year and doctors appointments. But foolishly we decided to start a big project on Saturday morning and pulled a part one of the boys bedrooms so we can install a storage unit. That also meant moving and vacuuming under beds and finding a million lost pieces of Lego (I swear that stuff breeds all by itself). So that means we have the regular house in disarray plus an entire bedroom in pieces. I don't think Sunday is going to be too quiet.
I am also trying to get hubby's 40th birthday party organised so it doesn't all happen last minute. Maybe this post should be called ambitious. I honestly don't know where the time goes and I am always interested in how other people organise their time. I would be lost without my diary for appointments, the ever popular birthday list and menu planning for the week.
Lets's see how this week goes on the organising and ticking off stage!

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