Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mind the Gap

This morning my 5 year old lost his first tooth. It was a momentous occasion, or at least I thought so. There were no hysterics from my usually sensitive son about blood, pain and the gaping hole in his smile. In fact he was so nonplussed he managed to lose the tooth in his bedding until I managed to find it.He literally took the whole event in his stride.
I remember the day that little toothy-peg arrived. I somehow managed to scrape the spoon across the top of it while he was having a very compliant breakfast as a 6 month old. I remember this as he was exactly 6 months old to the day!!
My how times have changed. I mean really, imagine having a compliant breakfast now ... it is completely unheard of! The thought of one morning not having a serious discussion about the colour of a straw or whether the sandwich has margarine or not or how to cut the sandwich. Maybe after 5 years my boy is slowly growing up and becoming a little more even in his reaction to different events.
Fingers crossed and ...mind the gap! Now I need to put on my Tooth Fairy wings and attend to the job at hand.

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